Switching to Chrome

Google Chrome Logo

I have been a longtime fan/user of Mozilla Firefox, though over the last couple of years it has become more and more of a memory hog.  I have tried to use Safari and tried Google Chrome a while back but they never had the plugin support I was looking for.
The other day with the purchase of a new MacBook Pro for my birthday I decided to give Google Chrome another try.  I was glad to see that it has come a long way on the extension front that it once lacked.  I was impressed enough with the available extensions that I even switched my work computer over to Chrome.  I am hoping that I can stick with it and banish Firefox from all of my machines, I will try to revisit this post and give further pros and cons in the coming week.

Twitter and GreaseMonkey Bliss

As many of you know I use Twitter quite often, maybe a little too much even.  Most of this I can give thanks to TwitterFox since it is always there. But along with TwitterFox, I still visit the actual twitter site from time to time and when I do these GreaseMonkey scripts spice it up …

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Safari goodness?

I decided that when after getting my iPhone and making the upgrade to Leopard I would do away with Firefox. I had a couple of reasons for doing so.

1. Safari loads a lot faster than Firefox does
2. I can sync my Safari bookmarks with my iPhone
3. Less 3rd party apps to bog stuff down

So I took the jump and haven’t looked back, though I was missing the extensive plugins that Firefox had to offer, not to mention that I have a Linux machine at work that I am on way to much so its weird switching browsers. I have been able to over come the switching of browsers but have not been able to get back all the plugins I was using except for a few.
The main plugin that I was missing was AdBlock, I really don’t know how people can live with out it. After some Googling I came across Safari AdBlock which doesn’t work as well as the Firefox version but does a damn good job so I can deal with that. I also came across a really nice search addon which is much like Spotlight on OSX its called Inquisitor, so far that seems to be working really well right now. For the other Mac people out there what addons are you using in Safari if you are using it?