Feeder.py feeding script

When it comes to feeding the fish in the aquarium using the Raspberry Pi I had to come up with a simple Python script to control the relay connected to the electronic feeder. Below is a simple script to activate the relay so that the feeder can fire off. The GPIO in use is Pin …

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Monitoring temperature in the aquarium

I currently have two temperature sensors set up within the aquarium, one on the left side the other on the right both hooked to the Raspberry Pi fish feeder. The one located on the left is near the filter, while the other is near the heater. Right now they are not being logged or monitored …

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Fish at my desk

So I bought some goldfish in efforts to decorate my desk at work.  I have come to notice that I think one of them has been having what I can only describe as a seizure.  He sits there for a moment then turns upside down starts to float then comes back to life and shakes around and swims in repeated circles… He is truly odd or had a disorder.

** UPDATE **
Attached is a picture of the fish per Jake’s request..

Fish at my Desk
Fish at my Desk

*** UPDATE ***
Looks like one of my cheap Walmart fish got Dropsy… now there is only one