No Love for Flickr

I decided not to renew my Flickr account. They want to give me 3 months free if I sign up again. But I have decided to go back to my roots and use Gallery2. Gallery2 has come a long way and I can import photos via email messages, just like I did with Flickr. And they allow for a whole bunch of goodies now. I will post the link once I get around to uploading all my images again.

Gallery Sell-out

So I finally made the jump and have moved my gallery over to Flickr.  Go ahead and check it out, I am hoping it was a wise move…. at least from a disk space stand point its not that bad of an idea.


So I installed Gallery again and also installed the new WordPress Gallery plugin. The new plugin is amazing. It has a ton of features and seems to be flawless. I will keep people posted. And if you are running Gallery make sure you have the newest build as it has a ton of improvments.