Reducing the size of my Gmail account

The other day I noticed I had over 135k emails within my Archive box in Gmail, I logged in to Gmail and noticed that I was using 11.73GB out of my 19GB free space (This does encompass Google Drive as well, but I rarely use that so that was not where the bulk was from). …

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Switching to Android…

Switching to Android… 1

A while back I picked up a Google Pixel 3 to test out, that test lasted all but a day then I put it back in my desk drawer and pitched it to all my friends and family to see if they wanted to buy it off me… clearly that never happened as it was up until this weekend sitting in my desk drawer.

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Chrome for iOS update v26.0.1410.50

Chrome for iOS has been updated to v26.0.1410.50 today that not only includes the normal stability and security improvements and bug fixes but also Fullscreen for iPhone and iPod touch. This updated version of Chrome also includes printing to Google cloud print, and Airprint as well as the ability to save to PDF.