This weekend was pretty cool… not like the normal but still, a great time, Ended up @ Harpers Downtown for some 80’s band, got drunk, and woke up on a fold-out couch hating life itself. Walkout to my car and it’s parked in the yard with a parking ticket on the windshield… Fuck East Lansing. Then I headed home and met up with Nicole, we went to Franks Pressbox and watched the game and got a little more blitzed then we planned.

I then got home and drove to KZOO for the night, went to a few bars didn’t get drunk, and went to bed… Not a very eventful weekend seeing I didn’t even take any pictures what so ever. Last night I got the chance to watch Catch Me If You Can… which is a pretty damn good movie, that movie along with Blow makes me want to become a felon.

Harpers Half off!

Well last night I went up to harpers… Needless to say I got drunk and for very very cheap. Cant beat half off everything, but a word of advice dont every buy their hummus. The hummas there is like mashed fucking potato’s with loads of garlic in it. Anyways yeah went up there expecting to only have A drink but next thing I know I drunk as fuck and puking… Ohh well what to do. Im still working on a new layout for this. Its the first time I have ever used Movable Type, and it was somewhat a pain to install the damn thing.