1yr in Vegas

The date had almost slipped me by.  I have now been living in Vegas for 1yr, 6 months longer than I really would have cared for.   I moved to Vegas to get out of computers for a bit and attempt to work at one of the many clubs or casinos…. And if you know where I stand now you know that didn’t happen, and instead I ended up working for a company that does support for all of the casinos and bars instead.  Time like that make me wish I didn’t give up my hosting carreer, but I am trying to work my way back into that as it was something that I can say I actually enjoyed.  Anyways Vegas is hot in the summer and pretty cold in the winter, and they lack a real beach.


If you are reading this then you are seeing my site which is now hosted on WiredTree.com. I decided to move the site over there for a few reason. Granted one of the perks I have at my job is that I get hosted for free, but that also entails that I use my site for testing server changes which I am normally fine with. But now that I actually use my site for many things including my daily email I decided to move it since I have other sites to test with. So far the quality of WiredTree seems above standard fucking sweet. As for my site I actually have a bunch of posts that I have yet to publish, I am planning on finishing them up and posting them as soon as I finish my router project (which I will be posting about soon as well)

WordPress : Perfect Setup

WordPress : Perfect Setup 1

With working in the web hosting industry I get a lot of questions or how to minimize load and prevent comment spam. I thought that I would do a quick little write up of what I have found to be the best ways to head off these issues, many of which I use here myself. …

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