Friday post of randomness

In attempts to keep up with the second (annual?) 100 days of blogging, you will, from time to time, find yourself reading the most random posts from me just so I have something to blog about; today is one of those days. The weekend is upon us, and while I wish I had something exciting …

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Tacoma Hills Luminaries 2021

Tacoma Hills Luminaries 2021 1

I took a few pictures of the annual Luminaires that are set up in the Tacoma Hills neighborhood each year. This year had a pretty large turn out as I was told when compared to previous years in the neighborhood.

Building a railing

Deck Railing

So this is likely to be up there with one of the least exciting posts I could possibly come up with … but anyways here we go! We recently had switched our homeowners’ insurance and auto over to AAA entirely as it actually saved us a few hundred over the course of the year. Sadly …

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