Live Chat Love

So I have to login to a chat system for customers or possible customers to contact us with if they don’t feel like calling or emailing.  Anyways since we service the entire world sometimes chats can be pretty interesting, but this one takes the cake.  Here is what transpired, and clearly it had to have …

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We all know CPanel sucks but…

I was really unaware of the “level of FAIL” that it was capable of demonstrating… until now.

1) frontend/x3/diskusage/index.html , go to a folder with lots of files in it.
2) Click “Size (MB)” column header to sort.
3) Watch cPanel sort a numeric column alphabetically, but don’t blink because
it also auto-refreshes the page a second later with the original by-name sort
4) Be amazed at the level of FAIL exhibited by a product claiming to be in its
11th iteration.

While the guy does an excellent job in describing what the issue is, the wording is somewhat humorous.