No power = No fun

So my roommate just moved out on Friday, when he did he canceled all the utilities since they were in his name, downfall of this is that they shut most of them off today while I was at work.  Thankfully I got the internet back on in the nick of time, bad part is the power reconnect didn’t go so smoothly and well I am with out power until NV Energy makes it to my place to turn it on.  They told me it will be back on tomorrow …. between 7am and 7pm, nice huge window you lazy bastards.

Damn you DD-WRT!

So the last couple of days my internet connection has been acting pretty strange.  Pinging my fileserver was taking about 4000-6000ms … which is not normal.  When pinging the LinkSys WRT54G running DD-WRT v24 it was taking about 30ms which is pretty high.  All of a sudden my wireless dropped and all the settings were reset to DD-WRT default ….  Spent about an hour setting it all back up, while doing so I decided to upgrade to the newest version of v24.  All seems well now and much quicker to boot.

Twitter killing blogs?

I have been trying to figure out why there is such a lack of updates on blogs that I follow, including mine.  I am kind of noticing a trend that the people that used to blog a lot seem to have a pretty up2date twitter account.  I know I am guilty of not blogging due to my frequent yet unimportant updates on twitter.  Is anyone noticing this as well?  Do you think that twitter, pownce and systems like those might be somewhat of a downfall to full-fledged blogs?  I have been dabbling with the idea of actually moving my blog into a subfolder and then just putting up a front page that gets the RSS feeds from my twitter,, flickr, etc and displays those on the front of my site and then just offering a link to my blog.