Dumping a MySQL Database

If you are ever in need of dumping a MySQL database to a file for backup purposes this is all you need to from the Linux command line.

mysqldump -u DBUSER -p DBNAME > DBNAME.sql

Firefox Extensions

I decided to create a list of Firefox plugins that I use …  Yuo might find some of them useful, then again you might think some are junk. MeasureIt – This puts a ruler on your browser, no more guessing how large an area it as it lets you know how many pixels are there. …

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Corecomm going down…

I used to work for this Internet/Shitty Phone company called Corecomm… Well their time is up read all about it here. Seems that they like to change the TOS and such and not let customers know. Well seems it screwed them this time around. I would link to their site but I dont like to give them shout outs. Just google Corecomm.