Mela Recipe Manager

I was recently looking into an issue with Reeder App not downloading new RSS feeds (Which in the end was an issue with my network, not the app.) and while doing so I saw that Silvio Rizzi the developer behind Reeder had created Mela a Recipe Manager for iOS, so of course, based on my …

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I have always had a really hard time drinking water throughout the day, in most cases, I just “forget“.   Anyways I decided to see what kind of reminder apps were out there to hopefully aid in reminding me not to sit here for hours without even thinking twice about taking a drink. There had …

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Fauxzen now on Apple News

Fauxzen now on Apple News 1

Well not that there is anything of real interest or importance on Fauxzen, but you can now find it on Apple News. Just tap the following URL (Apple News Link) on your iPhone/iPad and it will allow you to add the site to your Apple News app.