Best iPhone stand ever

This picture of an iPhone stand that I made popped up on my timeline and I figured I would share my creativity with the world, desperate times call for desperate measures and I needed a stand for my desk at work. On another note, what a long way Apple has come with the iPhone.

Apple Smart Battery Case

Apple Smart Battery Case 1

With the recent purchase of my iPhone 11 Pro Max, I wanted to get a good case.  Over the years I have had many cases including a few Mophie battery pack cases.  I looked into them again but I remembered they required a mini-USB connector and I didn’t really want to swap out all my other iPhone cables just for the case.

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Little to nothing

This is going to be one of those bland no-frills post just to make sure I have a post for the 100 days of blogging challenge. I took the day off today so we could spend some family time together and travel to the sleeping bear dunes and explore a bit of northern Michigan this … Read More

Switching to Android…

Switching to Android… 2

A while back I picked up a Google Pixel 3 to test out, that test lasted all but a day then I put it back in my desk drawer and pitched it to all my friends and family to see if they wanted to buy it off me… clearly that never happened as it was up until this weekend sitting in my desk drawer.

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