Best iPhone stand ever

This picture of an iPhone stand that I made popped up on my timeline and I figured I would share my creativity with the world, desperate times call for desperate measures and I needed a stand for my desk at work. On another note, what a long way Apple has come with the iPhone.

Apple Smart Battery Case

Apple Smart Battery Case 1

With the recent purchase of my iPhone 11 Pro Max, I wanted to get a good case.  Over the years I have had many cases including a few Mophie battery pack cases.  I looked into them again but I remembered they required a mini-USB connector and I didn’t really want to swap out all my other iPhone cables just for the case.

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Little to nothing

This is going to be one of those bland no-frills post just to make sure I have a post for the 100 days of blogging challenge. I took the day off today so we could spend some family time together and travel to the sleeping bear dunes and explore a bit of northern Michigan this … Read More