iPhone 4 Battery issues with iOS5 possible fix?

While I have seen a lot of reports of really bad battery life on the iPhone 4S with iOS5 I haven’t seen many articles about battery issues on the iPhone 4.  I have had some major battery issues since my upgrade, unplugging my fully charged iPhone 4 at 8:30am not using it through the day it usually ends up at about 12% charge left at 6:30pm.

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Apple Siri Demo

So yesterday Apple had their event where everyone assumed that they would release the new iPhone 5…. well they only came out with the iPhone 4S, which while many seemed upset and disappointed by this move it really only seemed natural.  When you look at how well the iPhone 3G did it was only logical to ride that wave a little longer and put out the 3GS, which did amazing as well.

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iPhone 3g Upgrade

So with the help of selling my 8gb iPhone to a co-worker, and then pawning off my iPod.  I was able to aquire a 16gb 3g iPhone for about $11… Not bad.  I would include more in this post but I see no reason, mainly doing this for Chris.