WWDC 2008

This years WWDC was not all that great.  They spent a little too long on all the new apps that are coming out for the iPhone.  While this was happening you could watch the Apple stock drop.  They did recover when they introduced the new iPhone 3G, which sucks…. mainly because now I have to find money to buy one on July 11th.

iPhone issues

So the other day I went and dropped $7 to get the adapter to play my iPhone through my car stereo.  It sucks because I already have the cable in my car and have for sometime, but with the iPhone it has a recessed jack on it so you need an adapter.  Anyways this was my first time really using the iPod features of the iPhone… And I guess there is a bug in the system, sometimes when you unplug the connection on the phone the audio sometimes stops working.  As you guessed it, this happened with my phone today.  Thankfully with the help of Google I was able to find the fix, and here it is.

Plugging in and out the headphones several times until the audio starts working

Simple as that.

Safari goodness?

I decided that when after getting my iPhone and making the upgrade to Leopard I would do away with Firefox. I had a couple of reasons for doing so.

1. Safari loads a lot faster than Firefox does
2. I can sync my Safari bookmarks with my iPhone
3. Less 3rd party apps to bog stuff down

So I took the jump and haven’t looked back, though I was missing the extensive plugins that Firefox had to offer, not to mention that I have a Linux machine at work that I am on way to much so its weird switching browsers. I have been able to over come the switching of browsers but have not been able to get back all the plugins I was using except for a few.
The main plugin that I was missing was AdBlock, I really don’t know how people can live with out it. After some Googling I came across Safari AdBlock which doesn’t work as well as the Firefox version but does a damn good job so I can deal with that. I also came across a really nice search addon which is much like Spotlight on OSX its called Inquisitor, so far that seems to be working really well right now. For the other Mac people out there what addons are you using in Safari if you are using it?

What do you carry on you daily?

I was bored Whats in my Pocketsand came across this flickr group. So I decided I might as well make a post and see if others post what is in their pockets as well, link back to me so I can see what you have as well. Here is what I got, and yeah its not as exciting as what others have but really its all I need. You can click on the image to get a better view. If you dont feel like clicking here s the list of what I have, Newport Lights, Lighter, Keys, Keyless remote (yeah it broke off the keychain), and my iPhone.