Safari goodness?

I decided that when after getting my iPhone and making the upgrade to Leopard I would do away with Firefox. I had a couple of reasons for doing so.

1. Safari loads a lot faster than Firefox does
2. I can sync my Safari bookmarks with my iPhone
3. Less 3rd party apps to bog stuff down

So I took the jump and haven’t looked back, though I was missing the extensive plugins that Firefox had to offer, not to mention that I have a Linux machine at work that I am on way to much so its weird switching browsers. I have been able to over come the switching of browsers but have not been able to get back all the plugins I was using except for a few.
The main plugin that I was missing was AdBlock, I really don’t know how people can live with out it. After some Googling I came across Safari AdBlock which doesn’t work as well as the Firefox version but does a damn good job so I can deal with that. I also came across a really nice search addon which is much like Spotlight on OSX its called Inquisitor, so far that seems to be working really well right now. For the other Mac people out there what addons are you using in Safari if you are using it?

Leopard Part 1

So my upgrade was a success and didn’t encounter any issues.  I have since taken it upon myself to do a fresh install.  Mainly because if you know me I install a lot of crap all the time, and well I figured a new OS called for a clean slate.  I spent the last couple of hours backing up and restoring everything.   I even decided that maybe it was time I make a switch to Safari as Firefox is a tad slower on the mac.  While I am sad to see firefox go at this time I think the switch is for the best.  I also decided to steer away from Desktop Manager and make the switch to Spaces, only for the fact that spaces come pre-installed, and I figure if it is already installed might as well use that as the overhead cant be much more than Desktop Manager.  I am sure there is a follow-up post to this in the very near future once I mess around with the OS more.  I can say that the overflow aspect in Finder is nice…. but in most cases just flashy and not as functional as you would think

OS X Leopard…

I just got the copy from the friendly FedEx guy, its installing right now…  Updates on this after the install.