A little catchup and the start of 2012

Thought I would try to put together a “year in review” type of post to start off 2012. I have slacked on posting updates about life, and technology mainly because of time dedicated to work, WordCamp Las Vegas, Christmas, and New Years.  Now that the event is over, and the most recent holidays are done I hope to have a little more free time to not only work on some projects, but to also post more to the site.

Life – I have traveled a bunch over the last year, and attended quite a few concerts and festivals.  Had some bad times but mostly good times it was a really exciting year that allowed me to experience a lot of new things.  I hope this coming year and the years after hold just as much fun and excitement as 2011 did for me.
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Condensed update for End of March and Start of April 2011

Since I am not really keeping up with the whole posting a new post daily like I keep saying I will, thought I would do a condensed post giving a bit of a summary of what has been going on over the last week or so.  Maybe I will do this more often…. then again that might just lead to a monthly post instead .. meh

So this is my 2nd weekend working the Sat/Sun shift at work and while its nice to have a few days off of work, I cant say that I am very excited about this schedule. Still holding onto the fact that this is supposed to be a Continue reading “Condensed update for End of March and Start of April 2011”