News 6 in Lansing follows my Mom around …

The other day my Mom and her two friends were followed around by one of the local news channels in Lansing, Michigan to show a story about paying it forward.  There is a group that my Mom got in contact with which essentially is trying the whole pay it forward type of movement.

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A little catchup and the start of 2012

Thought I would try to put together a “year in review” type of post to start off 2012. I have slacked on posting updates about life, and technology mainly because of time dedicated to work, WordCamp Las Vegas, Christmas, and New Years.  Now that the event is over, and the most recent holidays are done I hope to have a little more free time to not only work on some projects, but to also post more to the site.

Life – I have traveled a bunch over the last year and attended quite a few concerts and festivals.  Had some bad times but mostly good times it was a really exciting year that allowed me to experience a lot of new things.  I hope this coming year and the years after hold just as much fun and excitement as 2011 did for me.

WordCamp Las Vegas – For never organizing a WordCamp before, I must say it went pretty well.  I am not just speaking on my own here as a lot of attendees have stated that it went really well and they enjoyed it a lot.  I was able to get a fantastic hotel deal from the Hard Rock Hotel here in Vegas, work out a great venue space with UNLV, and then set up an after-party at the Freakin Frog.  It was actually a lot easier than I thought it was going to be once the ball got rolling. I am debating on doing a WordCamp for 2012, if I do it should be easier now that I already have 1 under my belt.

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Everything is a copy of a copy of a copy

кухненско обзавежданеSeems like I have some major sleep issues that I have been dealing with for some time now. I for the most part go in spurts where I can sleep well through the night and nap through the day, It pretty amazing but it rarely happens.

Last night I attempted to go to bed at a decent time, for me at least.  I even took some Melatonin as well as made some Chamomile Tea in hopes that the combo would knock me out and help get a good night’s sleep….. Twas, not the case, I ended up waking up about 2hrs after I passed out and then struggled the rest of the night to fall back asleep.

I have also tried over the counter sleep aids and they seem to knock me out for a few hours then I end up waking up and battle heading back to bed… Does anyone have any suggestions of remedies that have worked for you?