Testing some things

Just cleaned up my plugins on my WordPress install, and added a few more.  Going to yet again try to be a little more active on my blogging.

No power = No fun

So my roommate just moved out on Friday, when he did he canceled all the utilities since they were in his name, downfall of this is that they shut most of them off today while I was at work.  Thankfully I got the internet back on in the nick of time, bad part is the power reconnect didn’t go so smoothly and well I am with out power until NV Energy makes it to my place to turn it on.  They told me it will be back on tomorrow …. between 7am and 7pm, nice huge window you lazy bastards.

Moving back to Vegas

So today marks my last day living and working in масиMarina del Rey, tomorrow morning I will be packing my car and moving back to Vegas. Hopefully this time around things work out better and are more enjoyable.