Expect a big post…

sometime soon here, I have so much to say and not enough time to say it right now. But its like a Lifetime tv movie. That I can tell you.

My Sister in Cali

Here is the long-awaited post about my sister coming to visit me. Ok, so I lied nothing really exciting to post on this one. You can click here to take a look at some of the pictures that were taken when she was in town. It had to have been somewhat boring for her as I had to work the whole week, but the first weekend she was here we did go down to Los Angeles, Venice Beach, Beverly Hills, Westwood, and Santa Monica. We also hit up Disney Land and California Adventure. While driving around the Malibu area we saw Gary Busey in PJS getting his morning paper in his driveway, and in Venice, we saw Danny Trejo walking. Other than that it was a pretty chill vacation. All in all, it was cool having her out her… even though she is really strange these days 😉

Paper Folder

So there is a paper folder that sits next to my desk… and man is it ever loud. I cant even think when it is being used. It drives me nuts, I almost want to reenact the scene from Office Space where they go out in the field and destroy the fax machine printer… I …

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