Setting up Public Key Authorization Step by Step

I stole this from some other site… but I just wanted the info stored somewhere on my end… anyways read on. Lets set up a public key authorization system between two machines. We will call the two systems local and remote. We will also assume there are two different users, user1 on local and user2 …

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Media Center Finished…

Well its all up and running, still a few bugs to iron out, but so far its golden. Here are the specs.

AMD XP 2000+
512 PC 2700
80gig WD @ 7200 RPM = /
80gig Seagate @ 7200 RPM = /share
ATI Radeon 9000 Pro AGP
ATI TV Wonder Pro
ATI Remote Wonder
VIA OnBoard Sound.

The computer also has USB and Ethernet. I have it running apache, php, mysql, mythtv, mrtg, and samba. With all of that I can monitor the cpu/eth/ram etc, and also run mythweb to set recordings from a browser. Everything seems to be working fine… except that every so often after watching a recorded show the frontend will crash out and needs to be restarted. Also the remote is not 100% functional yet… I jsut haven’t had the time to play with it all that much, but either way I have a wireless mouse and keyboard for it. Last but not least some encoded movies will not allow me to pause/fast forward/etc with in the video player, I dont think there is much that can be done about that. Now that I know it can be done I want to look into making a dedicated Media server that is powerful and also has a small form factor. Here is a compiled list of parts that will make it possible for as cheap as possible. I will be updating this as time goes on with the latest and greatest deals that I can find.

Media Center Project

The goal of this is as follows.
1. Create a Small form factor machine
2. As quiet as possible(silent fans, silent psu, active cooling)
3. Cheap!, dont want to spend $500 on something when it can be done for $200
4. Powerful, I want it to encode, capture, share and do other tasks when idle so it needs some power behind it.
5. Lots of storage. Along with being small I want it to have as much storage as possible. I will be using this as a file server for all my music and video so I dont want to run out of space.

Hardware and Prices:
PC CHIPS M925G V9.1B Micro ATX Intel Motherboard – $36.00
MSI Geforce MX4000 MX4000-T64 Video Card – $26.00
Hauppauge WINTV-PVR-150 WinTV-PVR-150 – $91.99
512 PC 2100 Ram – $39.91
LITE-ON Black 16X DVD-ROM 48X CD-ROM IDE DVD-ROM Drive Model SOHD-16P9SBLK – $21.99
Intel Celeron D 325 Prescott 533MHz FSB Socket 478 Processor Model BX80546RE2533C – $70.99
ASYS 001MJA Black Computer Case – $29.99

Grand Total: $316.87

Still looking ways to cut cost and keep the quality. All these prices are from so it might be cheaper from other places.

Media Center Part 1

Well I have decided that KnoppMyth is junk, so my attempt to take the easy way out has gone sour… So I hav to start from the begging and will be doing a full blown install of linux tweaked around to get it all working as need be. This has its upside though, I will …

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