What I learned from deleting my restoreOS partition…

Apple MacBook Air M1

TL;DR DON’T DO IT Now for the longer version of the story. Last week I was fumbling around formatting a handful of USB thumb drives on my M1 Macbook Air, and I sadly formatted the restoreOS partition. While I was in a quick panic mode when I noticed and tried to stop the process, the …

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New Apple Macbook Pro 13in

Apple MacBook Pro 13in

I was really excited to hear that Apple had released a new 13in MacBook Pro, but was hoping it would have been a 14in MacBook Pro to follow suit of the 16in they had recently released.

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Photo Album breakdown

I recently switched from iPhoto to using Aperture on my Macbook.  The main reason for doing so was the ability to create new libraries on remote drives such as my Drobo FS.  While there are some 3rd party apps do this with iPhoto I didn’t want to relay on a 3rd party piece of software that might stop getting updated eventually.
Since I was able to split up my iPhoto library into multiple libraries I decide to group them all by year as I figured that would be the best way to start organizing my photos in the long run.  After I got everything separated I wanted to see how much space I was using and get a break down.  So here you have it almost 76gb of photos ranging from 1995(old scans) until 2011.

1995 – 328M
2001 – 200M
2003 – 1.1G
2004 – 1.2G
2005 – 2.9G
2006 – 8.1G
2007 – 2.9G
2008 – 1.1G
2009 – 2.1G
2010 – 26G
2011 – 30G

Found this kind of interesting so I thought I would make a pointless post about it.