Hot tubs and lack of heat

Hot Tub Time Machine Poster

I pretty much have all my utilities back on now… well with the exception of the gas, which means I don’t have heat or hot water.  My shower this morning was less than epic.  I hope that this all gets taken care of in the next few days as I really don’t like the thought of sleeping in a cold house and then waking up to a cold shower.
I also got tickets to a screening of The Hot Tub Time Machine tonight at 7 pm.  The movie isn’t set to be released until March 26th so I am interested to get an early viewing of it.  Right now I am kind of torn about how I think the movie will be.  From the previews I have seen it looks like it could be a really funny movie, then again the previews always try to encompass the good parts of the movie so there is still a chance they could try to take it over the top, and then it will just suck. I will post a review on my thoughts in the following days.

Hellraiser Series

Over the last couple of days I have been watching the Hellraiser movies. For you that have not seen them, well I was going to say you are missing out… but that is hardly the case. The first Hellraiser movie is for sure a cult classic of sorts, but the others seem to fall short. I was reading IMDB and came across information about a remake of the original. Why must hollywood do this?? I mean just give it a rest. The year 2008 seems to be the year of remakes. Not only are they redoing this movie but once again redoing the Hulk movie too. Granted the Hulk movie should hold up a little better since it does have Edward Norton, but I am sure the CGI will make everything look horrible.


Halle Berry - CatwomenSo I had the pleasure of watching The Movie Catwoman … I will never get that time back, what a horrible movie. The only redeeming quality of the movie was seeing Halle Berry prance around in town up leathers. Other than that it was up there on my list of most horrible movies of all time. I really dont know who came up with the idea of making this movie and filming it the way it was. God its awful, safe yourself some time and do not watch it … ever. As a conciliation prize I have included a picture of here that lets you see the high point of the movie.