Another movie and then some

Today I met up with Sean and had some sushi and hit up The Prestige. I was looking forward to this movie, but it didn’t impress me the way I thought it would. I would still suggest heading out to see it as it is a great movie, but I think I am still just really impressed with The Departed. In other mindless postinng what not I thought I would let some people know where to get Small Business Marketing and Design done up at. You can also use this InMotion Hosting Coupon Code to get a better deal on things. Take a look and maybe sign up for some services.

The Departed

Last night I went and saw The Departed.  I suggest that everyone go out and see it.  The story line was awesome and really kept you wanting to see more.  The actors and the director really pulled through on their parts and made it an awesome picture.  I cant wait till the DVD is out as I will being buying it for sire.

Too many movies

I have been watching way too many movies over the last couple of days.  Mostly for no reason except basic cable sucks really bad.  Here is the line up of movies I have watched over the last couple of days. American Werewolf in London – This is an awesome movie.   Prob. one of the best … Read More