Return of the MythTV Box

So I just scored me a free used Dell, has like a p4 @ 2.8ghz and what not’s.  So I will be reinstalling my mythbox again tonight, about damn time I say.  Updates as they come.

MythTV Linky Goodness

I was looking over some of my server logs and noticed a few incoming links from MythTV.  After looking into it, seems as though the good people over there liked a few of my posts about MythTV IMDB Fetch issues and the fix to go with them.  Just thought it was interesting…

Channel Icons in MythTV on Ubuntu 6.10

If you want the channel icons on your MythWeb and MythTV you can use the following information to do so. I dont know why this is not included in MythTV .20 but you can grab it via SVN

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