MythTV 0.20-0.2ubuntu2 IMDB Fetch Problems

The newest MythTV install on Ubuntu 6.10 has issues when trying to fetch movie information with the included IMDB Script. The fix is pretty simple, Click more to view the steps.

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MythTV .20 on Ubuntu 6.10

I have used this setup a few times in the past with out any issues at all.  Though the other day I reinstalled and have been getting the following error when starting the backend/retriviing channel line ups.

Session management error: Authentication Rejected, reason : None of the authentication protocols specifiedare supportedhost-based authentication failed

and After searching around for a few I came across one fix which led me to another fix.  The problem is that MythTV was attempting to run as the Mythtv user, thats fine and dandy but I run mine as my user instead.  So you have to change two files and the problems will be fixed.  Here are the two files that need to be changed.


In those files you will see a spot right at the top where it is trying to run as the mythtv user,  just replace mythtv with your name and then you should be all set.

Lame site and Xbox to boot

I was starting to think that my site was getting little to no attention.  I hoped that if I were to update it to the new version of WordPress it would spur my interest again … but yet all it has done is create 3-4 new posts all talking about an upgrade.  Not exactly what I call good times in the world of blogging.

After hearing Chase talk about his new fairly new Xbox setup with XBoxMediaCenter installed I was wanting to get an Xbox and do the same.  And I think the stars might be aligned just right or something as Brian and I were talking the other day and he actually just picked up an Xbox and is looking to sell it, even has the DVD remote which is a plus.  So after talking with him, I was going to go to Vegas and get it this weekend, but I had forgotten this was the same weekend Alexis was coming to visit me for her spring break.  I have made other plans on getting the Xbox though so I should have it Monday afternoon if all goes as planned. 

From there I am planning on installing a new hard drive in it (120 gigs) and installing XBoxMediaCenter, this will replace the MythTV Box that I recently created.  I have no plans on getting rid of the MythTV box but instead, I am going to turn that into a Fileserver/Backend/Desktop and just stream all recordings to the Xbox.  I am creating a new category on the site here for the Xbox and will be posting updates to how the install goes and everything that I do to it.