Lame site and Xbox to boot

I was starting to think that my site was getting little to no attention.  I hoped that if I were to update it to the new version of WordPress it would spur my interest again … but yet all it has done is create 3-4 new posts all talking about an upgrade.  Not exactly what I call good times in the world of blogging.

After hearing Chase talk about his new fairly new Xbox setup with XBoxMediaCenter installed I was wanting to get an Xbox and do the same.  And I think the stars might be aligned just right or something as Brian and I were talking the other day and he actually just picked up an Xbox and is looking to sell it, even has the DVD remote which is a plus.  So after talking with him, I was going to go to Vegas and get it this weekend, but I had forgotten this was the same weekend Alexis was coming to visit me for her spring break.  I have made other plans on getting the Xbox though so I should have it Monday afternoon if all goes as planned. 

From there I am planning on installing a new hard drive in it (120 gigs) and installing XBoxMediaCenter, this will replace the MythTV Box that I recently created.  I have no plans on getting rid of the MythTV box but instead, I am going to turn that into a Fileserver/Backend/Desktop and just stream all recordings to the Xbox.  I am creating a new category on the site here for the Xbox and will be posting updates to how the install goes and everything that I do to it.

MythTV GUI Settings

Even though my X is running at 720×480 on a widescreen tv I had to adjust the GUI settings as so, big ups to chase

GuiWidth: 641
GuiHeight: 451
GuiOffsetX: 36
GuiOffsetY: 12

Now that I had them set everthing worked fine…. except video playback, I just had to adjust playback to play as 16/9 and now everything is perfect.  Just need to get Lirc working now.

MythTV Revisited

Recently I picked up a PCR-350 card from Chase’s boss and decided to give MythTV a try again.  I have tried it in the past but with little luck since I was using an ATI TV Wonder Pro which does software encoding.  Anyways I have been dabbling with Knoppmyth, Ubuntu, Gentoo and have not been able to get the damn thing working.  The life tv function just displays a blank screen, but when I cat the device to a file it DOES capture.  Anyways I got another machine from a guy that we share and office with so that was to be my new MythTV box…. that changed tonight when I decided to convert my main desktop to the MythTV box and the machine I got from the guy at work to my Desktop. Anyways here are the new specs of my MythTV box, all the parts should be here with in the week.

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Media Center Part 1

Well I have decided that KnoppMyth is junk, so my attempt to take the easy way out has gone sour… So I hav to start from the begging and will be doing a full blown install of linux tweaked around to get it all working as need be. This has its upside though, I will … Read More