First post of 2009

I really wish that I could make this into something … but thats just not possible.  I haven’t had much to post about recently.   The only real interesting thing that I can think of is that my High School Class is planning a reunion, I setup a simple WordPress site to manage parts of it over at  Ohh yeah my nice shoes have a hole in the sole of one of them 🙁

New Years Resolutions for 2009

I suppose its that time of the year again to make up a list of things that I wish to accomplish in 2009. I hardly ever follow my resolutions, so this year I am going to change my life a little to fit in these changes. So here we go. Eat Healthy – I have … Read More

New Years

Its upon us, and yet I still have no solid plans of what to do tonight.  Just fired up the grill and making some steaks.  I have a bottle of Jack so I should be straight no matter what happens.  I am hoping this year will have some interesting things going on, I guess we will see.  Everyone have a good New Years!