DigitalOcean Droplet Manager

David Hsieh created a great app for OS X that lets you manage your DigitalOcean droplets right from your OS X menu bar. The main features of the Droplet manager is as follows: List your Droplets Show droplet status, IP, distro as well as region Reboot and shutdown your Droplets Head on over to David’s … Read More

Clean up the “Open With” menu on OS X

I have what I guess may be a bad habit of installing all the new software I come across, tinkering with it and then removing it.  Unfortunately there are a lot of times doing this can clog up your “Open With” menu on OS X.  I have noticed even using some nightly builds of software … Read More

Review: Dash Expander

Throughout the day I find myself typing the same things over and over when responding to people. Because of this I have been looking for ways to spend less time when doing so, since I type the same thing over and over, I initially tried TextExpander which worked great for testing but just seemed like … Read More