Swiftype now enabled

swiftypeWith my contact tweaking and screwing with Fauxzen I decided to enable Swiftype.  It just went active on the site today and so far it has been flawless and the indexing from the blog to their site was fast and flawless.
Don’t get me wrong the standard built in WordPress search seems to work great on a daily basis, but Swiftype offers some really cool features that just aren’t there or well in actuality probably needed for a normal users WordPress install.
They outline some key features on their site like Drag and Drop ranking for one. The Drag and Drop ranking this will let you order the way search results are found.  This could be really handy if you have paid posts/ads on your site and you want to channel traffic to post X instead of Y when people are searching for W.
They also offer realtime analytics of searches, this again can really help you tune your site to provide more relevant information, as well as helping you see what kind of things interest your site visitors when they come to your site. The one that really sold me which while simple and not all that amazing was the auto-complete feature, the little bit of eye candy is really nice and may help people find other entries that the normal search might not have yielded.
Installing Swiftype was a walk in the park, they provide a nice WordPress plugin that you install and plug in your API key that you get from your account on their site. Once you have done that there is a simple button to click to have their crawler index all the pages on your site.  Thats it, no extensive configurations that end up taking the better part of the day to setup.
Overall it has been less than a day so far using Swiftype but I think I might keep it around for a while. I am very interested to see how much their pricing ends up being once out of public beta as that will more than likely be the determining factor for me if I end up keeping it installed or now. So go ahead and go give it a try.

Auto linking post keywords

The other day while writing a post I was getting fed up with creating the same links over and over again.  In the past I used a WordPress plugin called aLinks, unfortunately it stopped working a few WordPress versions back so I got rid of it.  So I decided to start looking around again to see if there was something that would achieve the same effect and that actually worked with the newer builds of WordPress.
I finally came across WP Keyword Link, while the interface isn’t the most intuitive or very pretty, but it does the job.  So if you are looking for a plugin that will auto link keywords in your posts you should defiantly check it out.