Manually adding a font to WordPress without a plugin

Manually adding a font to WordPress without a plugin 1

I figured I would document this as I have been asked about it a few times and recently had a client that needed a custom font added to WordPress. While I know there are a handful of plugins that will achieve the desired effect, I opted doing this manually instead of adding another plugin.

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Swiftype now enabled

With my contact tweaking and screwing with Fauxzen I decided to enable Swiftype.  It just went active on the site today and so far it has been flawless and the indexing from the blog to their site was fast and flawless. Don’t get me wrong the standard built in WordPress search seems to work great on …

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Auto linking post keywords

The other day while writing a post I was getting fed up with creating the same links over and over again.  In the past I used a WordPress plugin called aLinks, unfortunately, it stopped working a few WordPress versions back so I got rid of it.  So I decided to start looking around again to see if there was something that would achieve the same effect and that actually worked with the newer builds of WordPress.

I finally came across WP Keyword Link, while the interface isn’t the most intuitive or very pretty, but it does the job.  So if you are looking for a plugin that will auto-link keywords in your posts you should defiantly check it out.