Installing rr26xx driver on Ubuntu server 12.10

Installing rr26xx driver on Ubuntu server 12.10 1

I recently upgraded my home server with a HighPoint RocketRAID 2640×1 PCI-Express RAID Controller Card. I had the option of software RAID but I figured that I might as well go hardware since the price really wasnt that bad and in case of a software issue the RAID Array should keep working upon a system reinstall.

Unfortunaly the required module for the card is not built into the kernel or available as a packge for Ubuntu 12.10 so I had to compile it manually to get it working.

Outlined below are the steps that I took to get it working on my system, results may vary but this works great and is using an updated version of module (most other info I found was for version 1.2 this is 1.5)

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Raid Solution

I am in search of a raid solution. I have been pretty interested in the Drobo but due to the cost of what you get I am not sure its the best method, though the idea is cool. I am thinking instead of maybe getting a few 1tb+ drives and a cheap RAID card and tossing it all into my Linux box as it would provide a lot more than just a storage device, not to mention the cost would be much less. What does everyone think?

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