My current iTunes rsync backup script

The other day I was looking for a backup solution for two laptops. While I was unable to get the exact results I was looking for I did create a nice bash script that detects the network, and if on my local network it will mount the share from my Airport Extreme and then rsync the data over.  I am sure there is plenty of room for improvement on this script, but it works quite well.

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Simple Bash Backup v.01

I needed a simple backup script to rsync some files from one folder to a mounted backup drive. After poking around on the net I found a few different scripts that I hacked together to make this script. I plan on updating it to send either Growl notices to my Powerbook or send some popups …

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rysnc is the best

Thanks to Jake for giving me this command it is now a LOT easier to sync my music from my laptop to my desktop

rsync -aruvpe ssh * [email protected]:/mnt/share1/music/

Since I make all the changes on my laptop everything stays up to date on the desktop.