Random link posting

I really had nothing to write about so I thought I would post a few links that I came across.  Sean pointed out this article about how working night shift is a cause for cancer, then again that is no surprise since everything leads to cancer these days.  I forwarded it off to my boss, he responded with “Hilarious this coming from a smoker”.   I have been using a mac for the past couple of years and with the release of Automator one might have taken note… but I didn’t until now.  I came across this script that seems pretty nice and it working just fine, I suggest installing it on your system if you use Mail.app.

White Sexy Hot

I heard that term on the radio today while driving in the 50 degree weather and thought to myself “Who at the Radio station knows me?” … Magic TreeAnyways thats a whole different thought in itself.  I stopped this morning to get gas and decided to pick up a “Magic Tree Car Freshener”, supposed to give the new car scent, personally I think it smells like roadkill with my grandma’s perfume sprayed on it.
This weekend I really dont have too many plans, except for going down the Long Beach to hang out with my buddy Josh who is in town for work training.  We are planning on hitting up some concert in that area, should be cool but I guess I wont know until Saturday.  Other than that everything is about the same just working a lot and not sleeping as much as I would like.  Sean is planning to move down here sometime soon, I am hoping before the end of the month things work out and we can get a new place closer to the action.

My friend and I sometimes go over each other houses and burn things.

Things are changing at a rapid pace… well except for the sites that I manage. Anyways Sean my friend since High School ended up moving to Bakersfield, California last week. Lucky bastard, he also got a new truck before he left too. Anyways Michigan sucks, I’m ready to leave this place. The reasons you might …

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