MSI Wind Desktop

Since moving to my new place I have been trying to cut the power bill where ever I could. And one of the first things I figured could get trimmed out of the picture was my fileserver.
Since I can’t be with out a server, I ended up selling my old one and using that money towards the purchase of an MSI Wind PC Desktop.
The reasons I opted for the MSI Wind were as follows

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Back in the mix.

After abruptly being woken up today nice and early I figured that I would put some work into my linux box. It was almost foreign to me, since I haven’t been doing anything linux since I moved. My Mediacenter has mainly just been sitting online running as a Transparent Squid proxy, Caching DNS server, Fileserver to my XBMC. The specs of the machine are as follows:

1.25ghz AMD XP
512 PC2700
784gb of Random SATA Drives.

As you can see its not anything that special, but houses a decent amount of drive space and handles everything just fine for my needs. That being said I wanted to squeeze as much juice out of it as possible. I figured the best way to do this would be to remove any unused services that start, really no need in running cups when there is no printer connected to it. I also removed Bluetooth, PCMCIA, and a bunch of laptop services.
I really need to find the extra ram that I have laying around and spruce it up to 1gb of ram, as well as purchase another SATA card so I can add a few more drives that I have laying around. Adding the SATA card should boost me up to around 1tb of storage. More than enough space to start downloading the internets.

New Server

Well I moved my site over to a new server tonight…. Lets see how that treats me