Cleaning up the site

With the 100 days of blogging challenge that I can’t stop talking about in all of my recent posts, it has allowed me to clean up the site and start converting old posts over to Gutenberg rather than the classic editor that the post was originally created with. Not going to lie this is a …

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WordPress slow feed updates or lack of

I have been battling an ongoing issue during the 100 Day Blogging Challenge where both of my sites that are submitted to the challenge via the default WordPress RSS feeds are never updating or are taking multiple days to show that a post was made. I thought I had narrowed it down to utilizing multiple …

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New theme and no comments

New theme and no comments 1

I have been using the Genesis Framework for sometime now on this site and just about every other site that I manage, but I decided that we needed a break from one another… at least for just a little bit. In keeping up with WordPress and its development I figured I would give the new …

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