I forgot I had a blog

With the popularity of twitter and the lack of time to write a long drawn out post I kind of forgot about my site. I am hoping to take some time away from the beach, pool and hot tub this weekend and actually work on my site to bring it in a direction that it may actually look updated more than once a month. That is all. Ohh yeah I moved, thats coming in another post though.

Bring in the readers

Over the years I have had many different approaches to bringing in visitors to my sites, have it be spamming other sites(I don’t do this anymore thankfully), using adult content of some sort, or just having a good read here and there.  I am once again in the process of looking over the site and seeing how to attract traffic… But this time some more relevant traffic.  I was speaking with Ted and he has gone from zero visits a day when I helped him get his site setup to having about 70k a month unique (Correct me if I am wrong Ted).  Anyways I hope in the months to come to have some valid visitors coming this way reading some hopefully well-written articles (I might need help on this if you know anything about my writing skills).  Well anyways this post was once again a little ramble off the top of my head and nothing of real importance, but if you have any suggestions about driving traffic I would be interested in hearing them.

Whole lot of nothing…

I have really been slacking on site updates, mainly because I have been avoiding my computer in all ways possible besides my daily visits to Craigslist.  Even with that, I have yet to land a job, but it has still been a blast in Vegas none the less.

My days have been occupied with applying for jobs, interviews and countless rounds of disc golf.  I have been working on some site designs for a few clients to bid the time as well.
As for this site, I am have had a few design ideas in mind, yet I have not really wanted to take the time to work on it and push through the ideas I have in mind.

This weekend a friend from Michigan is coming to Vegas and then taking a drive to California, I might hitch a ride so I can work on my tan at the beach…  If I do I hope to add some photos since I have been slacking on that.

Anyways there is an update to occupy your time for a few until I get around to a full update.  Good day.