Daily routine

clear glass perfume bottle on white table

Back to another not so interesting post, this time about my daily routine. I was told long ago by a manager at a company I worked for that I am very much a creature of habit, and she was not wrong. This is the exact order I do things each morning, if I don’t follow …

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Slackbot on hold…

I missed a day of posting for the challenge but was all for a good reason. I have scrapped the idea of creating the Slackbot, at least for now. I decided to go back and revisit the real needs and requirements of the project and am going with the KISS principle for the first release. …

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Building a Slackbot in PHP

Slackbot Image

Its been a while since I have taken on a coding project. The last one I can think of was when I was working at Envato and built off of a script that Aaron Rutley had created to help me perform quality assurance tests on ThemeForest themes before they were added to the now-defunct hosting platform.

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