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кухненско обзавежданеSeems like I have some major sleep issues that I have been dealing with for some time now. I for the most part go in spurts where I can sleep well through the night and nap through the day, It pretty amazing but it rarely happens.

Last night I attempted to go to bed at a decent time, for me at least.  I even took some Melatonin as well as made some Chamomile Tea in hopes that the combo would knock me out and help get a good night’s sleep….. Twas, not the case, I ended up waking up about 2hrs after I passed out and then struggled the rest of the night to fall back asleep.

I have also tried over the counter sleep aids and they seem to knock me out for a few hours then I end up waking up and battle heading back to bed… Does anyone have any suggestions of remedies that have worked for you?


I swear I have a sleeping disorder, I am never able to sleep in.  I wake up after like 4-5hrs of sleep and just lay in bed wide awake.  Its total crap.  I even took a sleeping pill last night, did nothing for me… Any ideas?

Long time

Since an update… Mainly just been dealing with this night shift and trying not to sleep in too long after work. That and computers are burning me out at this point. More to come soon.