Not Smoking : Day 1

So today wraps up my first day with out smokeing.  Over all it was not that bad, the worst part was my bordom…  I found myself looking for things to do instead of smoking, not limited to but including working through my break at work.  Ohh well I am sure it will get easiser as the days go on.

5 Smokes and counting …So

with the recent price hike of cigarettes I have decided my time to quit is now.  I have 5 more left in my pack which I can only assume I will finish before I goto bed tonight.  That being the case I am no longer going to purchase packs, I mean who can afford to buy them at $6 something a pack.  Not to mention the money I will save over the course of a year.  Depending on the day I smoke about half a pack, which leads me to buy a pack a day so that I always have some.   With the math its something like $2000 a year spent on smoking … didn’t know it cost so much to kill yourself.  Anyways I am sure I will keep everyone posted on how it pans out for me