Spam emails…

This spammy email just showed up in my inbox this AM and I am not even sure what to make of it Species have been reported from Wales, Xinjiang, Brazil and Australia. The title ship flew through 7 dangerous stages and was forced to fight large bosses using timed attacks. Ostrowiec was a place of … Read More


I am getting really sick of this number. I get random calls from these folks every month a couple times etc. I swear it needs to stop. For those of you that have not gotten these calls, when you get this call its just a Spanish recording … and well I don’t speak Spanish so I have not idea what they are saying.

Better Life, wiggle-tail

I love the topics of SPAM messages.  And in all honesty I dont understand how that subject is supposed to get me to read the message in the first place.  I mean really “Better Life, wiggle-tail”  can someone explain this to me?  Have any idea what the subject of the message is?  Something to do with bacon being the next big thing in the stock market?  No not eve close, it talked all about “cre dit” (note the space) and how i could lower my monthly “paym ents”… wow they are sneaky.