Faster SSH connection to the same server

Recently I was in search of some ways to speed up my SSH connections as I spend a lot of my days within the terminal.  I came across this handy little gem which can help you connect faster to a server that you already have a connection to.  There is a feature within OpenSSH called connection sharing and its really easy to enable, and requires no edits to the server.

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I came across SSHMenu, and its is very handy if you have multiple machines that you connect into on a regular basis.  Here is a screenshot of the program to give you an idea.


You can get more information on it over at their Official Site.

rysnc is the best

Thanks to Jake for giving me this command it is now a LOT easier to sync my music from my laptop to my desktop

rsync -aruvpe ssh * [email protected]:/mnt/share1/music/

Since I make all the changes on my laptop everything stays up to date on the desktop.