SSH automatic login assistance script

A while ago I did a write up on SSH keys, anyways I was looking into it a little more today and came across this handy little script that makes it… well simple.  I didn’t write it myself, I found it over here.  Go ahead and give it a try it works like a charm. …

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rysnc is the best

Thanks to Jake for giving me this command it is now a LOT easier to sync my music from my laptop to my desktop

rsync -aruvpe ssh * [email protected]:/mnt/share1/music/

Since I make all the changes on my laptop everything stays up to date on the desktop.

Setting up Public Key Authorization Step by Step

I stole this from some other site… but I just wanted the info stored somewhere on my end… anyways read on. Lets set up a public key authorization system between two machines. We will call the two systems local and remote. We will also assume there are two different users, user1 on local and user2 …

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