Steak and arugula salad

I literally can not think of anything to post about today, so I have resorted to posting a picture of my dinner from last night. While it is a small filet what else would you expect for only $5, and I am trying to watch my intake of red meat anyway. I sauteed the steak …

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Vegas Heat, Steak and Computers

Over the past couple of weeks Vegas sure has gotten hot.  I had forgotten how hot it gets during the summers here.  Ohh well once I get a job I think it will be time to fix the AC unit in my car since it doesn’t seem to work anymore.
Ryan was here over the last week and I wish my luck was as god as his.  Seems that he had a lucky streak as he was up around $1000 during the time he was here. Even though I haven’t won like that in a long time, he still treated us to nice steak dinner at Claim Jumpers.
I have started to plan out my new fileserver setup.  Mainly I have a dual 1ghz machine with 4gig of ram that I am going t put in pace as the fie server, and then take the d fileserver and make it a MythTv frontend for my bedroom…  Lets see how well this ends up working out.