New Ink / Cover up

A few months ago I started to get work done on my sleeve, mainly filling in some of the bare sections and some touch-ups. Lastly, I have been working towards a coverup of the Koi I had on my upper arm, my artist and I decided to cover it up with a dragon. This is … Read More

New Tattoo

New Tattoo 1

Well here is the the picture, took me long enough.  It still needs a few spots touched up, but over all it looks pretty nice for being only a little over a week old.

New Tattoo

So while my sister and I were in town I got yet another tattoo.  Once I get a better picture of it I will post it.

B-day Present

B-day Present 2

So I gave myself a present today for my bday since I didn’t get many from others… I decide to do a trade off, I removed my tongue ring which I have had for many many years now and replaced it with the following. There are more pictures in the gallery.  I also have some … Read More