WordPress 2.2

So I just made the upgrade to WordPress 2.2 … So far everything looks like it is working just fine. I have also disabled a lot of the plugins that were not really doing a whole lot, except for using up resources.

Return of the MythTV Box

So I just scored me a free used Dell, has like a p4 @ 2.8ghz and what not’s.  So I will be reinstalling my mythbox again tonight, about damn time I say.  Updates as they come.

New Computer

So my Powerbook which I have had since late 2003 is finally coming to the end of its life.  It has been a great laptop, and truly helped convert me to a full on mac user.  Now I just gotta start saving for a new Mac and hopefully be able to hold off until the new models come out pre installed with 10.5.  I just have to decide if I want to get a Macbook or rob a bank and get a Macbook Pro.

MythTV Linky Goodness

I was looking over some of my server logs and noticed a few incoming links from MythTV.  After looking into it, seems as though the good people over there liked a few of my posts about MythTV IMDB Fetch issues and the fix to go with them.  Just thought it was interesting…

Michigan Hooha

So I have now returned from my Michigan trip. It was pretty fun, besides the horrible weather. Louie’s wedding seemed to have gone well, besides myself getting chock slammed on the beach in the whee hours of the morning. Other than that there was good food, good drinks and some fun times… ohh an mosquitoes too yay to them. The drive back from up north was pretty crappy, just lots of rain and dead deers on the side of the road. I got to spend some QT with the kidlet, she was sad when I had to leave. I felt really bad… but I couldn’t miss my flight. Speaking of the flight, I found out why my Laptop has been running like crap as of late…. 512mb of RAM is bad … it registers when it feels like and when that happens it blue screens. Well I cant argue too much with some RAM that I have had in my laptop for 3yrs, and bought used at that. Anyways I am back in sunny California again. I will post some pictures later today of the fun filled days that were in Michigan.