Quicktime 7.0.4

QuickTime 7.0.4 is an important release that delivers numerous bug fixes, support for iLife ’06, and H.264 performance improvements. This update is highly recommended for all QuickTime 7 users.

Important Notice to QuickTime Pro Users
Installation of QuickTime 7 will disable the QuickTime Pro functionality in prior versions of QuickTime, such as QuickTime 5 or QuickTime 6. If you proceed with this installation, you must purchase a new QuickTime 7 Pro key to regain QuickTime Pro functionality. After installation, visit www.apple.com/quicktime to purchase a QuickTime 7 Pro key.

Corecomm going down…

I used to work for this Internet/Shitty Phone company called Corecomm… Well their time is up read all about it here. Seems that they like to change the TOS and such and not let customers know. Well seems it screwed them this time around. I would link to their site but I dont like to give them shout outs. Just google Corecomm.