Enable SLM on Virtuozzo 3.0

After doing some research on SLM it looks like it is the way to go if you are running Virtuozzo 3.0. What is SLM, “Virtuozzo Service Level Management (SLM) is a system that maintains and allows administrators to configure and control the levels of service (i.e., the set of ‘promises’) provided to VPS owners.
I came across some different ways of enabling SLM on the VP Node, by far the best was the information about how to enable it without a Node reboot. If you are running a current version of Virtuozzo you can do this with pretty much a simple modprobe. Just connect to the VP Node of your choice and run the following commands. These are the steps I took to enabled SLM on my 512mb Virtual Dedicated server.

modprobe slm_core

Edit the following files and make said changes

/etc/sysconfig/vz and change the SLM entry to slm=yes
/etc/sysconfig/vzagent/vzagent.conf Locate the SLM entry, change it to 1.

Now you need to enable SLM on your Virtual Dedicated server. Since mine was a 512mb server I enabled it as shown to give it dedicated 512mb, with a burstable 1024mb.

vzctl set 408 –slmmode all –slmmemorylimit 512M:1024M –save

To check your settings you can login to your vps and use the free command.

free -m

If everthing went as planned you should now have an SLM enabled Virtual Dedicated server.

SSH automatic login assistance script

A while ago I did a write up on SSH keys, anyways I was looking into it a little more today and came across this handy little script that makes it… well simple.  I didn’t write it myself, I found it over here.  Go ahead and give it a try it works like a charm. …

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MythTv Revisited

It has been a while since I have had a post about MythTV on here.  Since my roommate purchased a nice 40in LCD I figure I might as well start to rock the MythTV box again.  This time it will be running Ubuntu Feisty Fawn(Mainly for the ease of use/install)  I will have some pictures up once it is back up and running.
And on another note I have tweaked my site a bit so that it loads a hair faster, and by far faster than Vanessa’s site…