Improved Site Speed

I have been in a constant battle with Vanessa about who’s site loads faster than who’s. The testing I have done was via, and from their results I was smoking her on the speed of loading. I then decided to see how much I could optimize mine, and here are the results.


Total HTTP Requests: 6
Total Size: 36274 bytes
14.4K - 29.31 seconds
28.8K - 15.26 seconds
33.6K - 13.25 seconds
56K - 8.43 seconds
ISDN 128K - 3.41 seconds
T1 1.44Mbps - 1.39 second

Optimized Site

Total HTTP Requests: 4
Total Size: 21452 bytes
Load Speed
14.4K – 17.43 seconds
28.8K – 9.11 seconds
33.6K – 7.93 seconds
56K – 5.08 seconds
ISDN 128K – 2.11 seconds
T1 1.44Mbps – 0.91 seconds

As you can see by removing some excess code, and some unused plugins it improved the loading of the site and the overall size as well. I am sure there is still much more that I can do to get a faster response, but this is good enough for now…. And should keep Vanessa at bay.

WordPress 2.2

So I just made the upgrade to WordPress 2.2 … So far everything looks like it is working just fine. I have also disabled a lot of the plugins that were not really doing a whole lot, except for using up resources.

WordPress Avatars

So I got bored the other day and added Avatars to the site.  They are housed on site, so if you have an account go ahead and login. Check out your profile and there is a place to add an Avatar for your account.  Enjoy.