DuoTrap S Sensor

Duotrap S - Digital Sensor

Last week I dropped my bike off at the shop to get not only new pedals installed but also a DuoTrap S sensor since spring is right around the corner. On my previous bike, I had a speedometer which while it worked, was kind of a clunky install. This is where the DuoTrap S sensor …

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Trek FX 2 Disc… it’s mine now.

Trek FX 2 Disc

After selling my 2013 Trek Marlin I was on the lookout for a hybrid bike for cruising around the sidewalks and streets rather than trails. In my search, I came across a 2022 Trek FX 2 Disc as it seemed to have great reviews and fit the bill when it came to the requirements that …

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Looking at a new bicycle

While I know winter has just started here in Michigan so likely does not make much sense to go and buy a new bike that I wont be able to ride until spring, part of me thinks that I should bite the bullet since bicycles have been hard to come by during the pandemic. I …

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