I need to take some time and update this site.  I have been sporting this theme for too long already.  I was speaking with a friend of mine who was also suggesting I try to get back int omy daily postings.  I agree with the statement, but alas with Twitter has made me lasy.  Why write a huge page long post when I can blurt out whatever I want in 140 Charators or less.  Ohh well perhaps I will overcome this writers block and start to update here more often as I once did.

Twitter and GreaseMonkey Bliss

As many of you know I use Twitter quite often, maybe a little too much even.  Most of this I can give thanks to TwitterFox since it is always there. But along with TwitterFox, I still visit the actual twitter site from time to time and when I do these GreaseMonkey scripts spice it up …

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New Twitter Design

I really wish I could make this in to a post with a little more content. But just wanted to say that I like the new Twitter layout. Now if they could only concentrate on getting rid of the overloaded whale messages and bring back the damn IM client.