Install the latest version of Nginx on Ubuntu

If you are looking to install the most current version of nginx on Ubuntu you can add the following apt source.

add-apt-repository ppa:nginx/stable

If you are wanting to install the latest development version you can use the following source instead

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APF Firewall wont start on Ubuntu 11.10, Kernel 3.x

I recently setup an 64bit Ubuntu 11.10 install over at 6Sync for some development projects.  While it will probably not end up hosting anything of real importance and will be recycled shortly I figured it would still be a good idea to put a firewall on it to help aid in protecting it from bored script kiddies.
I have used APF many times in the past so that was the logical choice as I knew how to get it setup and running exactly as needed. Ubuntu provides a

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Site performance and moving to the Cloud….

Site performance and moving to the Cloud.... 1

This is a topic that I revisit quite often, sometimes out of boredom and sometimes just out of a need to well revisit things. Over the years I have worked as a system admin for a few hosting companies and have noticed that not all sites fit well on a shared platform, or if they fit just don’t work as well as they could.  My goal has always been to try to get a premium setup without paying an arm and a leg for it.

Below I am going to cover a few things that I have researched(Don’t expect any hard numbers you will simply have to take my word on this or search Google for articles showing full comparisons/numbers), tested and implemented for

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I have been meaning to post about htop for sometime now.. but for some reason me being lazy has stopped the posting process.  Anyways Htop is a really nice program to get the information that top would normally show you, but it looks a lot nicer.  I highly suggest taking a look at it.  I know Ubuntu has a package for it as well.

File server = Epic Fail

So I spent a few hours redoing the File server setup, switching out the mother board drives etc… Only to recall why I never used the dual 1ghz machine in the first place.  When placing an IDE or SATA PCI card into the motherboard everything slows to a crawl.  Its some issue with the motherboard and is stated on the TYAN site.  So I wasted away a few hours of my life for nothing.  I did however reinstall the File server with the old hardware and a copy of Ubuntu Server.  The new install is much more optimized than the later which is the only plus from the experience.  Damn you TYAN and your Dual p3 motherboard issues.