Back in the mix.

After abruptly being woken up today nice and early I figured that I would put some work into my linux box. It was almost foreign to me, since I haven’t been doing anything linux since I moved. My Mediacenter has mainly just been sitting online running as a Transparent Squid proxy, Caching DNS server, Fileserver to my XBMC. The specs of the machine are as follows:

1.25ghz AMD XP
512 PC2700
784gb of Random SATA Drives.

As you can see its not anything that special, but houses a decent amount of drive space and handles everything just fine for my needs. That being said I wanted to squeeze a as much juice out of it as possible. I figured the best way to do this would be to remove any unused services that start, really no need in running cups when there is no printer connected to it. I also removed bluetooth, pcmcia, and a bunch of laptop services.
I really need to find my extra ram that I have laying around and spruce it up to 1gb of ram, as well as purchase another SATA card so I can add a few more drives that I have laying around. Adding the SATA card should boost me up to around 1tb of storage. More than enough space to start downloading the internets.

ktorrent ipfilter issues

I have been having problems with kTorrent not unzipping the ipfilter list that it downloads and finally came across the solution.  I run gnome on my system and since kTorrent relies on a lot of kde libs and such it is only logical that it might have some issues.  For anyone having problems with the ipfilter not converting make sure you have the run the following command on your machine.  In my case I run Ubuntu.

sudo apt-get install kdebase-kio-plugins

If it still doesn’t work with this … umm well I dont have a fix for that.

Ubuntu 7.10

So I took the plunge and upgraded my Ubuntu install from 7.04 -> 7.10. And I must say that that WOW, they did it right with the new release, seems a lot smoother and everything works perfectly. I am however having issues with the upgrade to my Work computer, its probably due to the fact that everyone and there brother is installing the updates today. Guess I might have to hold out for a few before I discover the 7.10 goodness on my work computer.