Site performance and moving to the Cloud….

Site performance and moving to the Cloud.... 1

This is a topic that I revisit quite often, sometimes out of boredom and sometimes just out of a need to well revisit things. Over the years I have worked as a system admin for a few hosting companies and have noticed that not all sites fit well on a shared platform, or if they fit just don’t work as well as they could.  My goal has always been to try to get a premium setup without paying an arm and a leg for it.

Below I am going to cover a few things that I have researched(Don’t expect any hard numbers you will simply have to take my word on this or search Google for articles showing full comparisons/numbers), tested and implemented for

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AirVideo server on Ubuntu

In the past installing the AirVideo server on an Ubuntu system was somewhat of a pain and an all-around hack.  Upon my recent purchase of an iPad, I really wanted to get AirVideo working again.  So after a little search and thinking that it was going to be a hack job again, I came across a package …

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I have been meaning to post about htop for sometime now.. but for some reason me being lazy has stopped the posting process.  Anyways Htop is a really nice program to get the information that top would normally show you, but it looks a lot nicer.  I highly suggest taking a look at it.  I know Ubuntu has a package for it as well.