WordPress 2.7 RC2

Since Jason over at ChurchoftheGeek posted a tweet about WordPress 2.7, I had to update myself.  So far it seems pretty nice.  I am really enjoying the new layout in the admin area.  though a little more cluttered than before it seems pretty nice as they arranged everything really well.

Leopard Part 1

So my upgrade was a success and didn’t encounter any issues.  I have since taken it upon myself to do a fresh install.  Mainly because if you know me I install a lot of crap all the time, and well I figured a new OS called for a clean slate.  I spent the last couple of hours backing up and restoring everything.   I even decided that maybe it was time I make a switch to Safari as Firefox is a tad slower on the mac.  While I am sad to see firefox go at this time I think the switch is for the best.  I also decided to steer away from Desktop Manager and make the switch to Spaces, only for the fact that spaces come pre-installed, and I figure if it is already installed might as well use that as the overhead cant be much more than Desktop Manager.  I am sure there is a follow-up post to this in the very near future once I mess around with the OS more.  I can say that the overflow aspect in Finder is nice…. but in most cases just flashy and not as functional as you would think

OS X Leopard…

I just got the copy from the friendly FedEx guy, its installing right now…  Updates on this after the install.